7 Advantages of Indonesia

Indonesia is my country, although now I rate this country is in turmoil many cases of corruption and legal issues that our country went wrong turns out you know that Indonesia has advantages have not in any developed country.
would you want to know any kind of excess?
Indonesia following 7 advantages not shared by other developed countries.
1. Gold mine
Indonesia has the largest gold mine in the world with the best quality processed by PT Freeport. Initial start up to now mine has produced 7.3 tonnes of copper and 724.7 MILLION tons of gold, or the equivalent amount Rp.217.410. But unfortunately mine is managed by the U.S., with the percentage 1% for Indonesia, and 99% for the U.S. as the owner of the technology. And if a layer of gold and copper mine started thinning to a depth of 400 meters, it turns out there are mineral deposits that cost 100 times more expensive than gold, namely uranium.
2. Largest Natural Gas Reserves
Indonesia has the world’s largest reserves of natural gas, which is located in the Natuna block as much as 202 trillion cubic feet, and many Blocks as mining and oil-producing Cepu etc.. And is still managed by foreign companies Exxon Mobil helped Pertamina.
3. Tropical Forests
Tropical forest in Indonesia is the largest in the world with an area of 39,549,447 hectares, and biodiversity as well as plasmanutfah comprehensive in the world, located on the island of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Sulawesi.
4. Ocean area
Indonesia the country with the world’s largest ocean, surrounded by two oceans the Pacific and Indian Oceans are not surprised to have millions of species of fish that are not owned by other countries.
5. fourth Largest population in world
Indonesia is the most populous country.
6. Arable land
Fertile land in Indonesia is affected because of the many active volcanoes, especially the country crossed by the equator there is lots of sunshine and rain. When compared with the middle eastern countries that have a very rich oil country, of course, much richer.
7. Exotic Landscape
This country has a very exotic scenery and again there was no country like it. from mountain top to the bottom of the ocean can we find in this country.

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