Sundanese Cultural Character

The Art Of SundaneseSunda is derived from the Su = Good / Good, everything that contains elements of goodness, the Sundanese are believed to have the ethos / character / character as the path to virtue Kasundaan life. Character / character in question is cageur  (healthy), bageur (good), bener (right), singer (introspection), and pinter (clever / smart) that have been executed since the days until the Pakuan Salaka Pajajaran Nagara, has brought prosperity and welfare of more than 1000 years.
Sunda is the cultural communities living in the west of the island of Java, but with the passage of time has spread to various parts of the world. As a tribe, the Sunda is the forerunner of the founding of civilization in the archipelago, starting with the founding of the oldest kingdoms in Indonesia, the Kingdom of Salakanagara and Tarumanegara. In fact, according to Stephen Openheimer in his book, Sundaland, Tatar Sunda / Sundaland (Sundaland) is a center of civilization in the world. Since from the beginning until now, Sundanese culture is formed as a noble culture in Indonesia. However, modernization and the influx of foreign culture is slowly eroding cultural nobility of Sunda, which form the Sunda ethos and human nature.
Sunda very noble sense of the word, which is light, bright, white, or clean. Sundanese word meaning is not only displayed in appearance, but also be explored in the liver. Therefore, the Sundanese are ‘nyunda’ need to have a noble heart as well. That’s the thing to understand when loved, and proud of Sundanese culture has.
Every nation has the ethos, culture, and different cultures. But it is no wonder if there are people who desire to embed the ethos of the culture of other nations. Presuming, that the ethos and culture, has its advantages. This trend is seen in the ethos and culture of our nation, because in recent decades has been affected by the culture of other nations. Pounding the current modernization of national culture into the national identity. National culture now looks very old, even young people are embarrassed to learn it. The ability to master the traditional art was not considered useful. Sense of the increasingly eroded, as the culture of other nations look more dazzling. Poor condition also occurs in Sundanese culture, so that the Sundanese lost their identity.
Sundanese culture to face adversity, we should step back first. Studying, and collecting sand pearls scattered over the years. A lot of sage advice and ancestral treasures of speech so rusty, due to the owner never touched. This is due to a reluctance to learn it thoroughly, even those considered out of date. When studied, the actual emission moral ethics Sunda has a remarkable treasure of wisdom. It was projected through tradition. Therefore, let us recognize again, and uncover some of the grains remains almost the Sundanese ancestors.
There are some ethos or character of the Sundanese culture of a road to the primacy of life. In addition, the ethos and character of Sunda also be a safety stock in living life in this world. Sunda’s ethos and character there are five, namely cageur, bageur, bener, singer, and clever that was born around the time of Salakanagara and Tarumanagara. There are other forms of greeting elders Sunda born in the century. Five said it is believed to be able to face adversity from an occupation at that time. Let us absorb the lamp of life through the five words. All this as the main basis whose lives have urang Sunda ‘nyunda’, including the nation’s leaders.
Meresapinya way to understand the meaning. Cageur, which must be physically and mentally healthy, think healthy, think healthy, physically and mentally healthy, healthy, moral, healthy act and act, or keep a healthy suspicion suudzonisme properties. Bageur is kind, love of neighbor, give opinions and rules of many admirable moral or material, not stingy, not emotional, kind, sincere helper and run as well as practice, not just read or spoken alone. Bener is not lying, not in a perfunctory task work, trust, a straight run of religion, right in the lead, to trade, not fake or reduce weight, and does not destroy nature. Singer, which is full of introspection rather anxious to know on each task, putting others before personal, good value the opinions of others, compassionate, slow to anger when criticized, but infused the essence of meaning. Pinter, the clever science world and the hereafter, to understand the science of religion to its foundations, broad range of knowledge of the world and the hereafter despite different beliefs, well-adjusted fellow, clever forward and clear up the problem complicated by the wise, and do not feel smart independently while cornering others

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