Oh I….

Oh I …….
Do you realize where you come from
Do not know whether you’d goodness
Where did you come from?

Oh I …….
Much like you are a contemptible drop of water
Then, in the form of a perfect knowledge
And in His power to turn to.

Oh I ……
When will you realize that your present Is only temporary
Then why do YOU like your life to perpetuate
His ignorance of the recall.

Oh I …….
Whether the power would YOU for YOURSELF
When He took back His rights
YOU do not and can never hold it.

Oh I …….
You ignore your oath
And you never care about your position
As a servant.

Oh I ……
You’re free to move without remembering RULES
Hips above the vanity
Not self-aware you will DIE
do not remember God is always watching.

Oh I ……
When will YOU realize YOURSELF
Much like YOU endless ages
Being humble carcass
HEART without subjecting Him.


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