Root Poem


I am the root. I have no fancy crown like flowers. My color was not appealing to exalted and revered, the smell of my body did not ever smell like the flowers are able to attract the bees. I’m also not a leaf. I’m not a leaf that accompanies the dance of graceful flowers that bend with the wind. I’m not the charm thick leaves that could unwind the nomads.

I am the root ! I was buried in the soil,

on top there thousands of feet stepped on without knowing good manners. Do it for the praise of my face, looked at it not! I do not look even when it seems too narrow to think of any. I was almost forgotten.

I am root. Yes I am root! I do not need to be a leaf or a flower because I am ROOT! Although beetles, butterflies never came, never heard a bit of praise for me anyway. But I’m happy to be root! Because I was always looking water for the leaves and flowers even for the life of the tree. Not only give even a drop of water but the whole lake, the entire ocean. I spent every day do this noble task with sincerity. Hopefully there’s always good news for the leaves and flowers so they can just leave me a smile I’m happy for the white clouds and clear skies. Convey my regards to sweet cool breeze and beautiful butterfly that is, from me: Roots.

Each of us, certainly want to look beautiful like a flower. We always wanted a high position, expect a variety of praise in every facet in our lives up to name just like the fragrant flowers. Perhaps only one in a thousand who would occupy the position of the root, much pressed in the stifling ground, trampled upon, revered not only did not even see! In addition it was quite heavy duty, like a coolie subordinates who are looking for and carrying water.

Yet consciously or not, secretly roots, polish forms a beautiful crown of flowers. It’s the root of the one who has spent his entire life for the benefit of the leaves and flowers even whole trees! Without the demands of popularity and profit. SINCERE because GOD!

4 thoughts on “Root Poem

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  2. Oh beauty..although no praises have been sung in its honour but a root has always been the life of every tree….and those who respect their roots can grow and flourish
    what a beautiful message there šŸ™‚


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