Been a long time, I embroider on the imaginary curtain of rain
set your face like a puzzle there,
piece by piece, with memories of adhesive on each side
then when everything is perfectly incarnated
framed painting your face in every melting miss
kept in the corner of my heart with a sense of sad
from season to season

“Love has always harbored a secret and the mystery itself,
on the sky, the rain, “you said softly stammered.
And instantly, tears welling transformed
like a rushing river that sweep me away to the upstream
where we are shipwrecked there any hope
Been a long time, I scan your figure at the patter drizzle
ensure that every shale dream to be together
build heaven on your feet can be a real
but always, it all be over soon
and gone with the wind on the porch

“Believe me, I’m just like you have your pulse dioxide in me,” you whispered softly

when your shadow, slowly fading behind the rain ..

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