Wedding Cake Recipe

For those who are married and who would want to get married, this wedding cake to be contemplated. For those not getting married this cake for input materials, lest one batter.

Ingredients : 1 healthy man, 1 healthy woman, 100% commitment, two pairs of parental consent, a bottle of pure affection.
Marinade   : 1 large block of humor, 25 grams of recreation, a pack of prayer, 2 teaspoons of notify each, worship 5 times / day.


Select men and women really mature and balanced, not the other one is too old and too young because it can affect the taste. Should be bought in a grocery store named PLACE WORSHIP, although a bit expensive but its quality is assured sale. Do not buy on the market called Disco because, although the model is nice and fragrant but sometimes deceptive, sometimes using dyes that can damage health. Use the affection which brands have been awarded the ISO from the Department of Health and Spirituality.

How To Cook:

Men and women washed, exhaust all of her past so that the remaining pure intention. Prepare a baking sheet that has been smeared with the commitment and the blessing of their parents equally. Enter a pure intention into pan and bake evenly with a fire about 30 minutes before the prince. Leave in the
baking dish and pour the marinade.


This cake can be enjoyed for life and the most delicious
enjoyed in a warm state. But when it’s kinda cool, add more humor to taste fresh, recreational tastes, as well as several pieces of prayer and then warmed in the oven branded “Place of Worship”. After a warm start, do not forget the phone when far apart. Good luck, guaranteed all kosher!

18 thoughts on “Wedding Cake Recipe

  1. Acep, How utterly creative! This wedding cake is awesome and soooo inspiring. Refreshing to read of love and committment as opposed to the usual dramatic breakup fan-fare. You’re great!
    Josie Matthews


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