How To Drink Coffee

Coffee. Always accompany us everywhere, of course, for you who love coffee. Yes, if not like was still drinking coffee. Coffee is synonymous with drowsiness. Suggestion. That’s the key, if sleepy, to go into the next room, to the shop to make coffee. There was some way to drink coffee with an amazing eliminate sleepiness.

An elegant way. Ask for help to the officers of his example to make coffee, complete with all the requirements, such as sugar by now, use this spoon, a special cup, and blah … blah. When presented coffee, take the first sips a glass, then facing the window and saw the sky. But please do not fall from the sky. 🙂 🙂

another way to drink coffee to get rid of the sleepiness :

  1. want coffee at starbucks but have no money. Try the coffee powder flake drops into your eyes. Try, sleepiness may be lost, but the risk of eye pain on your own responsibility. 😛 😛
  2. Try brewed coffee and put it in a clean glass. Then take drop by drop of water and immerse the coffee into the eyes, like eye pain medications, or vitamin eye. Try it.

4 thoughts on “How To Drink Coffee

  1. you pic looks very tempting because it not as black as coffee should be.. but brown and it reminds me of my favorite drink hot chocolate…
    I don’t take coffee..but my best friend does… 😀

    ~ KeY


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