beloved mother..

I’m  your son disappointed cry


I was stranded instead of playing
on the edge of you and the Lord’s wrath.


I’ll miss this cast
if my night star-studded
when you’re hugging me in your lap
you whisper beautiful words of the poet.


I love the Lord entrusted
so now you know me
has grown in pursuing life
beloved mother in heaven

6 thoughts on “Mother

  1. The biggest lost it is…my deepest sympathy to you Acep…

    Anyway..I believe she is in the best place beside Him..under His protection and in happiness and peace…
    and we do believe there’s an eternal life after death..and we hope that we will all gather in peace and love again.. 🙂 Aamiin


  2. Alhamdulillah, Ibu anda akan bangga memiliki putra yang begitu mencintainya. Sebagai ibu saya dapat merasakan kebahagiaan tersebut…, untuk lelah dan pengorbanan yang telah diberikan pada putranya.
    Terima kasih atas kunjungan ke blog saya.

    May she rest in piece.

    Blessed be.


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