Dream Of You

if I can dream encounter with mother
I’ll bring a piece of land full of flowers
I took it runs in a stretch of flamboyant
and from the branch I ordered a thousand birds
sing about the dew and sunshine …

when mother’s grief, I’ll entertain her while
see the funny beetle dancing in the garden
then let a thousand butterflies flying
above her hair which crowned the rainbow …

when mother’s tired, did I gather grain moisture
from  the tops of leaves. and I sprinkle on each step
so that mother feel cool. then I took the her plant
my future in flower color, so mother can be proud to her child born in the land of leaves
chirping of a full green …

later when mother fell asleep
it’s my fence with a sheen of prayer
and I’m taking care of birds
from the roaring outside world

when mother asked me why I send beauty
only in dreams, I would say to her
that only in dreams that her son could give
happiness. because in the land that is now lost scent,
has been growing trees rooted iron, plastic flowers, roaring factories
produce pollution. let her know
fertile land have been lost in the map.

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