“When the Power of Mind No More, Use Your heart …”

Intellect is a beautiful gift, the highest and greatest for Human, the difference between us and animals, a device that functioned to thinking: observing, processing data, storing data and other innumerable benefits, we should really thankful for this property.
In us there is a triad of mutual cooperation, namely reason, heart and physical. Logical sense as the central character and sometimes stiff but definitely objective. Heart as the center of conscience, a sense, sometimes there is doubt, unstable and subjective. while the physical is a container, a means to bring all of the mind and heart of cooperation. leading physical part of a representation of ourselves.

The third device within is highly recommended to run a word for the purpose of self alignment. However, the problem is, sometimes they were not balanced. The causes are many, could be due to a lack of common supplies, or also a lack of supplies the liver, may also lack of physical supplies. If an event of damage due to negligence of any third satudari there will be an imbalance of self. The main strength of mind and heart of control normally. Both strive to put ourselves in a dominant position. Doubts arise because of differences of opinion between the mind and heart.

The best way is we’re trying to be all three devices in us is given equal proportion. That is, when we use reason, when we use our hearts and when we use the physical. From this it can be argued that if reason or another do not authorize physical function, so use caution (HEART)

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