Wind and Cloud

(Image by Andreotti)

Clouds flying in the wind rustling
Strong winds hit, joyful feel to moan

Silence never imagined a bleak
Indecisive end fierce shout
Wipe sweat body charm seedling weeds

End of the …
Never ignore a home
Come …
Outdated is not the purpose

Blow in a tight grip
Close your eyes in the conquered
Sobbed a submerged power to solve the wave

Devotee of the forgotten charm of taste

Dear …
Silence does not mean vacillating

22 thoughts on “Wind and Cloud

  1. Hallo Acep habe dir schon 3 Kommentare gesendet,sind die angekommen,hier erschien danach immer ERROS HOFFE ES IST WIEDER ALLES IN ORDNUNG, wünsche dir ein schönen Wochenanfang Klaus


  2. Greetings from the Mexican border. Just over the bridge in Juarez, people are being shot in the streets, but on this side we have our own reality.
    We call it America.
    Tupac Shakur was a famous hip-hop artist of African descent. He did not write with your controlled elegance, but imposed a precise structure with his voice. Just reading his words – you two could hardly seem more different as writers.
    But I think you would have recognised one another as brothers, creating freedom by defending your great, sometimes breaking, hearts.


  3. Ah, Mr.Aprilyana – your spirit, if not its form, brings to mind the work of Mr Tupac Shakur. Like you, he never ignored a home, nor did his silences indicate vacilation. Two brave hearts…..


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