Broken Heart Poem

Is not Adam was thrown to the earth,
For lust? Or because of a broken heart?
Is the love has gone before stepping on the earth.

Simple Poetry, Love Poems Liberator
Poetry is not Flirt
also not for pride
poetic language of the heart language of conscience
although it’s just a broken heart poem

Simple poems
Poetry that can speak
about the pain of the universe
or about the greedy ruler

I want a simple poem
such as Anwar, or sabron Wiji Aidit
who lived perennial
up to 1000 years

I want a simple poem
are able to realize
about the backwardness and poverty
or uniformity

Poetic language of the heart may
Poetry may be the language of conscience
But this poem broken heart

There are also poetry which tells itself
or to defend themselves
really, it all means, just not seduction
many adverse human

Just let the poem speak a broken heart
just let the poem tells of heartbreak
although simple
although rippling
though in tears
because poetry is the heart
can only be heard by the ear care
because art has always been the liberator of the Heart

Heartbroken poem is not seduction
Heartbreak poems merely the expression of the soul
of a real … that makes the wounded
which revealed a sense of
not just mere words and images

Heartbreak poems do not intend seduction
Heartbroken poem just a series of words
rhyme, tone, and atmosphere
make her feel beautiful

Heartbroken poem is not seduction
Heartbroken poem a contemplation
Broken Heart poem is not about to commit suicide
of life lived
Since they do not mean

Poetry Broken Heart is …
when hunger is no longer perceived
when a disaster into a feast of worship
when the floods and rains be a blessing

Poetry Broken Heart is …
when lie became a daily ritual
when truth exists only in dreams
when we no longer can accept the fact
when the world is getting crowded

Poetry Broken Heart is …
When the chocolate seemed to cats shit
Eat bread taste when his thorn
Silence is considered abuse
Ignorance is considered an attack

Broken Heart Poems are the June rains , said Sapardi Djoko Damono
Broken Heart Poems are the rain and the chicken , said Sutardji CB
Broken Heart Poem is a children’s toy drum in wonderland , said Renda
Broken Heart Poem is cracked jars said , Goenawan Muhamad
Broken Heart Poetry is not dead dead dead babies die said , Mira Sato
Broken Heart Poems are limitless horizon and pray
and expressed love , said Taufik Ismail

Broken Heart Poetry will never die …
Although killed a thousand times …

31 thoughts on “Broken Heart Poem

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  2. Schön das du mich besucht hast ,es ist immer schön von dir zu hören,aus einem fernen Land da ist man doch sehr neugierig über Land und Leute ,sei herzlich gegrüsst Klaus


  3. Viele liebe Grüsse aus Köln sendet dir Klaus,das sind sehr viele schöne Gedichte sehr schön geschrieben,wünsche dir einen schönen Tag das wünscht dir Klaus


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