Crazy Poem

Hahaha ….
occupiers of human rights to live in the palace
state control of fools
barrel of a gun in front of each eye
prosperous. Where?

Hihihi …..
the dead to lead the country
monkey with hat claim to the sacred
not stop lying to the people
an honest and straight arguably anomalous
sometimes ended in jail or dead

Huhuhu …..
bullhead admitted knowledgeable
shameless bragging
verse by selling a bundle of documents
cut off the head so that everyone agrees
the basis of fraud, one plus one spelled out seven

Haha … hihi … huhu
In the land of emerald equator
should build more mental hospitals
in which all board members be quarantined
where all the candidates were told to labor bureaucrats
where all soldiers are required to wear a bra
not be out until fully recovered from the crazy
and me as a madman who is mad
drinking coffee and laughing ….

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