women and death

between the two sides of the thighs
pushed a knife
cried the love formations
about life in the womb of a blood clot

could it be time to tear moist
the forehead is still red
molar shook each flanking
shortness of life toward heaven

last shriek
the smell of death divides the universe
brought agony
membranes swelled in the late rebellion

just quiet and shake of the head
one was carried
how in the middle, between death and life
receive the news

radiant woman in bed
with death

destiny arrives
mothers and children met in heaven

11 thoughts on “women and death

    • I think the time is fast running ..
      Many stories that I experienced in my life every second ..
      Story after story are strung through thick and thin. .
      I picked a lot of wisdom in every carving my story ..
      Wisdom for the wisdom embedded in the heart ..
      Learning from experience carving. .
      Learning from the past engraving. .
      Learning from the set of problems. .
      Learning from a series of trials. .

      terima kasih atas komen nya Pak Eric.


    • Life is not to complain. .
      Life is to live with patience and sincerity in order to obtain the pleasure of Allah. .
      Life will increasingly feel beautiful, quiet and peaceful if always decorated with gratitude as well. .
      Alhamdulillaah, was given the opportunity to live by God until this moment to continually improve. .


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