Poetry for the Rainbow

a time in the virgin dawn
I Think of you, and love.
Think my best friend.
how the meaning ……..
Just stab my back, I’ll quiet groan.
Just let me stick my chest noisy rumble.
and I no longer silent language.
or rolls that continue to disturb my sleep smile.

Just break the branches, in order to split in two.
I do not want the world anymore.
I went to … address, and verbal slap.
teach me about love that you’re referring to.

Just slam the crystal, let such a jewel.
I no longer need the world.
invite my friends … greet, beat and tied myself.
teach me about the faithful.

just cut off my head, so you believe if I’m human.
I no longer need the world.
take it all … busy researching,
what about love, about the silence that you have.

just cut my hand, so as not to give anymore.
I do not want any more of the world.
prove it all, about love, about peace of love.

come on …. I boldly challenged ..!
tough love, love it, keep growing out of my head.
can not keep quiet, can not calm down.

let’s all come together.
kill me … my body torn, cut everything.
not why, maybe one day you find the love between my arteries.
flowing blood with your name ………

22 thoughts on “Poetry for the Rainbow

  1. Apec, my reply to you has been swallowed into cyber space three times. I’m so sorry. My laptop has morphed into a cartoon tryrant, and I may end up throwing it under the wheels of a bus.

    No I won’t, because I’m going to need it to write to you again in a couple of hours.
    I am writing a poem for you. (You made me cry again, mister!) (:
    And I’m also letting you know that your brother heard your call.

    People hear you, Apec. You tell the world “Say my name.
    And we do.


    • oh my friend Claire, sorry for your laptop problem. Do not throw away, you better give me would be more useful. hehehehe (because I need to write)

      Claire my friend, you misspelled my name. not APEC but ACEP. name is a prayer, if you pray for me and you mention my name wrong, then the prayer that you gave to me not being heard by God. hehehehe …. so, my name is ACEP Aprilyana

      I’m glad you want to give me a poem.
      thanks in advance.


  2. I read your Broken Heart Poem last night. I started to cry – not from sadness, but from victory.
    Here are some excerpts of Tupac Shakur’s song “Hail Mary”.(Please don’t think that I have lumped you two together – I know you are very different artists. I just wanted to share it with you)

    Bow down, pray to God, hoping that he’s listening.
    Seeing niggas coming for me, to my diamonds, when they glistening
    Now pay attention, rest in peace, father –
    I’m a ghost in these killing fields.
    Hail Mary, catch me if I go, oh let’s go deep inside
    the mind of a man who cries in the dark.

    If it’s on then it’s on – we break beat-breaks:
    Outlawz on a chase, can you relate?
    Dealing with fate, hoping God don’t close the gate
    If it’s on then it’s on, we break beat-breaks

    We’ve been traveling on this wayward road
    A long time we take this heavy load
    But we ride, ride it like a bullet
    Hail Mary, Hail Mary!
    We won’t worry – everything will come out real,
    Free like the bird sitting in the tree.
    We won’t worry, everything will come out real,
    Yes we’re free, like the bird in the tree.
    We running from the penitentiary.

    This is the time for we liberty


    • Hi Claire… thankz for visiting and sharering.
      forgive me for not knowing about Tupac Shakur, but I believe he is a great person and great work, too. if pleased, allowed me to get to know him. as an introduction, allow me to give a poem.

      breath is my music
      tone is in my veins leap
      motion of living in each stanza the heave following the rotation of the earth

      heartbeat rhythm of the song is a knock on
      blood into every pore of sport

      do you meet your soul at all not to germinate
      when you were born, there he is
      when you’re sad, he’s there
      when you jump in there he’s excited
      when you’re headed in the grave, there he is
      real music is what binds tightly to human life at every second step

      I was there at the end of time
      I have heard a variety of rhythmic arm fracture
      I hope
      there are other beings who continue to bring together all shades and manifestations

      Creator also enjoy!

      I hope you like it and if yes, please give to Mr.tupac.

      thank you


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