Occurred on Sunday Morning

up here talking, I want you to read how the air is the enemy of the sharpest on the end face, and the wind is not a painting, which vibrates to create the universe record, how many words that float into the sky. convey how God is present before the inch step and breath, even before we had time to do good or sin.

season have divided us, the long drought and endless rain, while we recognize the goodness manifests itself in the lowest place and the most high. behold they prayed gazed into heaven after they bowed to their foreheads as low as the feet.

so recorded. there will never be afraid to do good, and should the truth is the fruit of all events, the root of all plans, and flowers of all the wisdom of life deserves to be up to the park to fill the continuation of the story later,


5 thoughts on “Occurred on Sunday Morning

  1. Hallo Acep,das ist aber ein tolles Gemälde malst du selber bis du ein Künstler,denn ich finde das Bild sehr schön,gefällt mir sehr,und das zu die Gedichte toll,wünsche dir ein schöns Wochenende KLAUS


  2. Hallo Acep ,ein supe Bild,bist du etwas ein Künstler,und malst so tollr Bilder???? ,das sind sehr schöne Bilder wünsche dir einen schönen Sonntag,und es freut mich sehr auch was du dazu schreibst,wunderbar.Sei gegrüsst Klaus


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