If I Died

Previously I had never thought of my life
About what I did today,
About my future,
About the fault,

If I should die today

I never thought for a long-lived
For me to die today or tomorrow the same
I’m not afraid of death,
That is often said to my friends
I seem to dare to face death

I was dirty and my life is very dirty
I wasted my life with that stupid thing
I’ll do the work in high-risk
I laugh at the future of life in heaven and hell
I do not know what my purpose in life

Until one day I had a dream
See myself in a dark world, and fell from the sky
It was a fear that never felt
It changed my mind and courage
I am really scared to death

Finally, I admit that I was scared to death
I realized that my life is still dirty
I realized my life away from God
There are many things that have not done
There are many mistakes to be corrected

I started thinking about my life
Day and night I began to wonder
Is my place in hell or in heaven?
I want to repent of all sinful way
I do not want to end my life in vain

Now I can dare to face the reality,
If I should die today
Now I can answer every question,
Where do I go after this life,
If I should die today

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