Musings of Faith

“God …!

I fell down at your feet
The limitations that can not be passed on


The cold air to infiltrate … in my heart cavity …
Limp, I thought the temperature falls
I can not lie, this is actually …
my the doors began to struggle ..
After I sow doubt,
hold me and embrace me ….
was in doubt,
what do I know?
who and how God is,
but in the belief ‘there’ …..

my brain is jammed ”

Then the sky suddenly darkened,
Thunder, lightning set fire to my vanity.
But my legs do not stop walking.
So up to me at the end of the earth.
I jumped from the ground up …
I’m frustrated …


Can I trust you ..
Without the mediation of religion ..
Without radiation primitive Arabic culture …
Without indoctrination or dogma,


Let me believe ..
Without having their voices heard me,
Without them I see the ritual gestures,
Without having to swallow their toxic sermons and verses ..

I, with tears
All soaking in the silence ..
But the voice did not come ..
This extraordinary deadlock,
I do not know where to find …


I wait your answer
face to face, in silence …
in the seclusion room, quiet privacy of my room ..
I fell down,

My prayer rug was soaking again,
springs into tears ..
goose bumps all over my body,
Your name I remember lying ..

Tear it .. my chest!
Chop it …. my soul!

I just want Your portrait,
This self-shining within …
To be sure I put in

That there was madness without You
That insanity was the absence of You,

O MEGA mystery of the all-powerful ..!
I began to doubt the absence of You ..
guided me ….

I do not want anything,
Say anything ..
My silence is full of meaning ..
My head was lying on the earth ..
The sun floated, I’m drowning


Shout my ears.
So that I could hear you whisper ..
So that I can remember your order …
In order to rupture the eardrum ..
To be shocked myself … ..
In order to wake up this corpse ..


Slap my mouth ..
Let me conscious and bleeding ..
To be powerless against You ..
So as not to turn away from You ..

So I immediately ceased from sin to Thee ..
So that I’m getting close to You ..


My longing is unbearable ..
Life is getting on ..
Do not be revoked, if
turned me away from You …

I just want to feel You ..
See the real
Watched with my eyes ..
that’s it ..

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