Thing Called L.O.V.E

Why do we close our eyes when we sleep?
when we cry?
when we imagine?
because the beautiful thing in the world is not seen.

+ + + +

when we find someone who
in line with our uniqueness, we join
with her and fell into a strange
Similar called love.

+ + + +

There are things that do not want us to remove,
someone who does not want us to leave,
but that not the end of the world,
but a beginning of new life,
there is happiness for those who are hurt,
those who have and are looking for and
those who have tried.
because they can appreciate how
the importance of people who have touched they lives

+ + + +

True love is when you
Shedding tears and still cares for her,
is when he is not care anymore and
you are still waiting faithfully.

+ + + +

when she start loving others and
You can still smile and say
“I’m happy for you”

+ + + +

If love does not meet free yourself,
let your heart go back in the wild again.
You may be aware, that you find
love and loss, but when love is dead
You do not have to die with love.

+ + + +

They are not happy people who always
get his wish, but they
fixed up when they fall, either
how the journey of life.
you learn more about yourself
and realize that not regret
there should be, love will remain in heart
as a lasting appreciation for living options
you’ve made.

+ + + +

A true friend, to understand when you say
“I forgot ….”

waits forever when you say
“Wait a minute”

stayed behind when you say
“Leave me alone”

open the door even though you have not tapped and
do not say “may I come in? ”
love is also not how you
forget about her when she made a mistake,
but how you forgive.

+ + + +

It is not how you listen,
but how you understand.
not what you see, but what
do you think,
not how you let go of it
how do you survive.
Perhaps the day will come where you have to
stop loving someone, not because people
It stopped loving us but because we
realize that people would be happy
if we let it go.

+ + + +

sometimes, the most loved person is
people who never express love
to you, for fear you turn around and
gives the distance, and when times go, you will
realize that she is the love that you do not

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