I’ve been quiet. Without words and without any action. I was silent and still. But my silence does not mean I’m dead. Heartless dead, dies no voice, no sense of death.
Not! I’m still in the personal ego and running in thought. I’m learning. I’m learning to life. So, I began to understand silence not only the right way. Silence is not the way to solve a problem. Silence is not a patent right. I walked on in silence. But my silence is not letting that should not be ignored. I’m still running, but still in silence.

But I will not let me silenced by history. I will move to carve out my ink writing on the history that I ever existed. I’ll carve what I learned in my silence. I’ll carve what it means to be quiet. I’m going where I learned to carve from the rest. I’ll carve out why and what time to be quiet. I will carve the attitude that must be silenced.

Leave it something that made you contemptible in the eyes of the Lord. Leave it something that makes you angry. Leave it something that makes the split. Leave it something that makes the collapse of harmony. Leave it something that threw the insult. Let stand that which makes the true barrier. Let stand in front of something that makes us the abyss. Leave it all!

Foot step toward a new agenda. Set in a genuine and sincere hearts, discard the dirty nature of the heart. Focus your thought, plug the strong intention. All together in one motion. Motion changes. Good change. Change the truth. Toward the glorious achievements. Toward a life full of love.

However, even then, envy will not remain silent. Still not received disturbing. So leave envy. Replace with a forgiving smile of love.


7 thoughts on “Silent

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  2. Acep, that third paragraph is as powerful a peice of writing as I’ve ever read.

    In fact, the whole idea of “carving what it means to be quiet”, ie, finding a louder voice instead, just blows me away.


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