She to Aunty, Letter no.2


Dear Aunty

Aunty, what is the meaning of a village for its villagers? what is the meaning of trees, animals, rivers, hills, sky, air, day, night, sun, moon and stars? I do not feel the friendliness of city people with sky is shelter. but here, in this village, I see the union between people with nature. I saw their love of the earth beneath their feet. their souls as if one with the soul of the universe. recite the verses of poetry lives with warmth and peace.

after so many days I’ve lived here, I think I already know very well how the soul of their lives. I must admit, initially I and my friends have a lot of work plans. Oh my, we seemed to want to build this village with our hands. village roads are still in the soil and rocks, it feels like we are wants to make it from asphalt. We would also like sports fields, a sort of badminton or volleyball court, so that the youth can be active in sports. However, it seems that it will be unworth it. every morning and afternoon we had been through here, traversed by the villagers with a busy work. In rice field, orchards, or in the forest. what sport will replace the passion that rely on physical and personnel as is done by them? Ultimately, what we can do is conduct which if the activity is really needed by the villagers. We also helped the villagers in their work.

how fun to immerse the foot of rice field, rice farming, gathering firewood, and leaned back against a big cult, while the wind in the dense foliage accompanied by singing birds.

Oh, I see beauty, I feel peaceful.

I’d written this letter under the tree who lush. a few steps in front of me, the sunflower are blooming with jasmine and roses together. a hawk flying low with a sharp gaze. a pair of birds were singing on the branches.

Oh Aunty.. Can we find a scene like this in city?

Aunty… I think I do not want to go back to the city…..


to be continued

11 thoughts on “She to Aunty, Letter no.2

  1. Dear Girl,
    what you are experiencing now is a new feelings of love…
    The new found love that you felt as a villager now is merely like a small child who gets a new toy…

    You are enjoying every new discovery and fascinated with adventures out of the sweat from heavy chores in padi fields, fruits orchards or even looking for wild plants or animals in the jungle. Do you know why? It is because you came in as a visitors..visiting these people and you’re trying to fool yourself into believing that these people are happy with their lives..

    you were not born as them. You never felt those hardships as your way of life. Haven’t you noticed their dark sun-burn skin? Don’t you think they envy looking your smooth silky skin?
    Have you ever touch their rough hands? Have it occured to you how they love to have such soft hands as you touched theirs?Did you really made an effort to really put that heavy loads on your shoulder, and imagining you’re working hard for a bowl of rice..?

    Their life is all they have, and so is our life here in the city. In anyway it is seen, we have to be grateful. You may think that the urbanites are too busy running for a living in the bustling world until they forgot about the nature but deep inside them, they are like you.

    It is fine if you love to see the blooming flowers, the wild birds flying low or even enjoying the musical sounds made by wild insects and birds. Enjoy it as much as you may like while you can but your responsiblities are here. Come back and bring the thoughts and excitements with you. We can have it here too..remember the made made lake where we used to jog every weekends for the sweat? How about the birds park..where we can even have photos with the birds..? Not forgetting the zoo where wild animals is preserved not only for the commercial purposes but in a way it is to protect them and give them a good environment.

    Come on Girl..
    Look things in a positive way. Life will be lovely when you find responsibilities as hobbies and hobbies as responsibilities…ehh do that make sense..hehehe

    Looking forward for your coming home…

    *Acep…your comment please.. 😀


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