the Sound


Really sound can not be muted

mouth may be silenced

but who is able to stop singing undecided

and the questions of the tongue of my soul

liberty dwells there

if you force to silent

I’m ready for you; rebellion!!

Surely sound is not a robbers

who want to loot your property

he wanted to talk

why do you cock the weapon

and trembling when the voices demanding justice

indee sound would become a word

it was he who taught me to ask

and in the end, can not say no

you have to answer

if you persist, we will hunt you down like a curse

2 thoughts on “the Sound

  1. So great! Thank-you, Acep.

    “Who is Able to Stop Singing Undecided” – I love that

    The Juanta cut the fingers from Victor Jara’s hands.
    Soldiers said to the gentle poet: “Play your guitar now, if you can!”
    Victor stood and started singing until they shot his body down.
    You can kill a man, but not a song when its sung the whole world round.
    In Chile, 198?
    Sorry, do not know writer



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