Kabayan & Professor

Si Kabayan and the Professor sat down face to face on a train to a destination. They do not know each other before, which is why they do not talk to each other. To dispel boredom, Professor invites Kabayan to play a guessing game.

“Shall we play a guessing game?” asked the Professor. Kabayan sat silent, looking out the window. Professor so upset, “Kabayan let’s play a guessing game!”

“I would ask you, if you can not answer you should give me Rp. 5.000. But if you can answer that then I pay you Rp. 50.000.” said the Professor. Kabayan got interested.

Professor continued. “Then you turn to ask. If I can not answer, so I give you Rp. 50.000. If I could answer you that I have to pay Rp. 5.000. How?” Even so Professor bidding. Kabayan’s eyes lit up “Fine then. Please ask a question.”

“OK” said the Professor quickly. “My question is, what the exact distance between earth and moon?”

Kabayan smile because he do not know the answer. He reached into his pocket to hand over Rp. 5.000 to Professor. Professor gladly accept the money. “It’s your turn.” Said Professor.

Kabayan thought for a moment and then asked “What animal when it climbed the mountain it use two foot, but when down the mountain it use four foot?”

Professor thought hard to find the answer. It performs calculations with graffiti-calculator. Then issued a laptop, connect it to the Internet and do a search on several sites encyclopedias.  Professor tries and finally gave up. With a grumble he handed over Rp. 50.000 to kabayan and he accept it with happy hearts.

“Hey wait a minute!” Professor shouted. “I do not accept. What is the answer of your question ?”

Kabayan smiled on Professor and casually reached into his pocket to hand over Rp. 5.000.

Kabayan said ; PLEASE GIVE YOUR COMMENT !!!!! 😉

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