tribute to mosquito

This night is hard to shut my eyes
Again and again, and this has happened four days
Until you see the blackened eyelids
I look older and a few years

No, this is not a romantic poem
Nor is the poem of a broken heart
Because of my love life is fine
And I’m not talking about

I stayed up all night
Maintained and continue to be vigilant
Like a hunter stalking
Stalking prey like blood sucking

No less have my twenty-tailed massacred overnight
Some are caught alive
I hit some are directly
Until I’ve finished them satisfied

These little creatures are one enemy at night
Coming up with a loud voice
Stalking prey with heat detector
And ready to put a needle size

Quite unique is also the nickname of being
Animals of the world’s biggest human killer
Spreading disease with no view of the status
But its existence is also understandable

Just try to think,
her androgynous females,
are pregnant,
can fly,
and bring the needle suction that sometimes contain deadly virus

I am talking about is a kind of insect
Which actually suck the juices of plants
However, the females suck blood as well as pregnant
And it is used for children’s labor

Guess what I mean?
If you think I’m talking about mosquitoes
Then you’d know what I mean
Because I do talk about the creature’s
Beings who disturb my beautiful dream

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