Love Between Two

Love is not something that is sinful
But it’s also just a world interest
Something that seems to make the blind
Blinded by the fact embrace the world

I know too much grief for love
Because grief is too hopes the world
Something that is easy to be expected simply
But also difficult to disappear from the sense of

Capture the love in the world does not mean happy
But got love Alloh is to conquer the world
Passed from the world mean to dump body
Passed from Alloh is to throw the soul

Lulled the world is a disaster
Make the body like a servant of the world
Lulled into a mortal love means hugging the world
Hugging an actual thing in vain

So we live in a world of shame
Since only can always ask

If you’re running to catch the world
Then you will die embrace the world
If you’re running to catch His approval
Then you will die to conquer the world

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