Fly With You

Last night was bad

World sue me too much

Collected into one and made me sick

And I too can not escape

As with anything that is obliged

This is like the load

that made me ride a horse

I am tired because of the difficulties brought

I want to live in freedom

Free as a bird that flies off

Twittering and breathe freely

Life is wonderful and always willing

free does not mean forgetting

Because I am the servant of the Lord

Who has a soul, body and heart

And I know Allah is always watching over

I want to fly off in space

Soared to reach up

Make me a whole person

Humans are always useful

Do not hang me hope

Because I was not the center of all things

Because it is the nature of the Lord

Which made me always want to help you

I want to fly with you

What makes you life

Help each other despite the difficulties

And … remind me when I made a mistake

12 thoughts on “Fly With You

  1. How I wish I could fly too…but that is like asking for the impossible…
    (but I always fly on Malaysian Airlines,,hehehe)

    life is indeed wonderful…with all happy moments to cherish but nevertheless there’s also the ‘test’ with obstacles along the way…
    but as you’ve said..we are always blessed because Allah is always there to watch over us…alhamdulillah.. 🙂

    this is a very awesome poem..well written 🙂


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