Already there were signs of the destruction of a civilization

While the world that feels perilously close to the joy of heaven

Moral to be inversely related to knowledge

And the pleasure that is easy to obtain

Why are so many people appear to lose their minds?

Being a true feel for the people who damaged his heart

Buried insights that seems reasonable

Though just a manifestation of mere lust

The future of our civilization such as the illusion of a dream

That looks beautiful dream, but in fact bad

Because of missing was a friendly man with a conscience

A future that is actually very collapsed

Later, in the future

People would sit in a coffee shop

They talk about the present

and talked about the current human conscience

We worry about our future expectations

Where is the successor to the oppressed people we will run out of misguided

The immorality that has always prided

Although they knew had moved east to west

This ear hurt to hear them speak

Feel uncomfortable eye sees what they do

We admonish but we considered isolated in the world

Want to explode under the weight of this head of mind

We become alienated in the world belongs to our God

Which actually only we stopped for a moment

We are alienated because we love our God

Who was exiled by the people who lost

we shouting but we could not be considered

Our silence and our alienation between them

We cried because tyranny is stuck

We were silent until we got back to the Creator

Is this dilemma we as inhabitants of efflux time?

Where most people feel no need of God

The right to be wrong, and wrong to be reasonable

Regret that feels like a pile of endless

Have very few people who sing the word of God

There’s nothing more disconcerting that things are not supposed to

Heart was thrilled when the Qur’an was read

Have the opportunity closed forever

They also told us about their lives,

“We like this better than a hypocritical life.”

A statement that challenges to the Creator

Since they had referred to himself as a wicked person

O Lord Almighty One …

Has came the disastrous

that never feel embarrassed

Although destroyed the whole world

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