Hi,,, You’re Reading My 100th Post


I attended one of the twitter account that the traffic was fairly heavy for an account domiciled abroad are almost 100% of his followers from Indonesia. All segments of the follower is here, from an activist, politically literate, politically blind, insane politics, students, practitioners, lecturers, researchers, the rich to the masses. Until now it has reached tweet more than 3000 and I think the most qualified and crunchy chew. This account of the habits of prayer in each of his 1000 tweets, hoping that both beneficial and rewarding poor and have his sins forgiven.

Learning from the above account, I tried to reflect back what I’ve done on this account. Beginning to create a blog, motivated for the many things I find around me.

When the wisdoms that met every day is only collected in the head ..
when the lessons of life are faced every day just face it ..
only would such a scattering of dry leaves, which will end up in exile ..
when every leaf has a meaning, has a story, a lesson ..
hopefully this can be a set of meanings for any avalanches of dry leaves that have passed ..

May the spirit of giving meaning in each trace, and any minimum benefit that can be maintained up to now and later. Although admittedly, often writing a personal condition that is uploaded smelly and too emotional. No problem, this is my home, this is my page, which at least, could be a reservoir of ideas and record it in writing.

Almost every post comes from an event, or series of events that I experienced myself, my friends experience, even other people out there the middle of nowhere in nature. During the lesson, as long as there’s nothing wrong lessons contain it.  Had also thought about moving to another account that seemed more interesting, but the intention was undone as it turns out to wordpress is quite useful if the optimal use.

Some facts about this blog:
– The first article of this blog is uploaded in March 2012 with the first article about the Sundanese Cultural Character.
– Age blog has been almost two years, and having a vacuum about a year because the owner forgot to have a site account here. Hehe .. :-p
– To date, there have been 100 posts were uploaded, with a total of 480 comments, 320 spam, and 628 follow that faithful to read the   writing on this blog. thank you ..
– The most frequently read posts from this blog is this, followed by this to the second post.
– There have been AN articles published in national web is this 
– Posts in this blog is made within one year

This blog’s got two more awards

Finally, let me say a prayer. Hopefully, all the good that is in this paper brings the benefits for me and anyone else who reads the stream until Allah reward to the author. And hopefully, each vanity is in a letter written just before the goods God forgive, and God forgive the author. Ameen ..
For each of his letters will be my responsibility for accountability, because that’s what I hope was his blessing.

Nunukan, June 19 – 2012

Acep Aprilyana

25 thoughts on “Hi,,, You’re Reading My 100th Post

  1. what can I say…you’ve work hard, your determination is going strong and your spirit is flying high…your work shows good improvements and with high qualities…something you can really be proud of brother…
    keep it up..show good examples to us the new comers.. (especially me 🙂 )

    *congrats on the 100th post..


  2. You don’t know this, but you are one of my heros.

    To all of your readers: keep an eye out for an article I am working on about Acep.


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