change the paradigm


Life is full of challenges. Everything can be dealt with, as long as we live with hope. Challenges can be exceeded if the person has the right paradigm. The difficult part is changing the paradigm that we hold on tight.

Paradigm is like the air we breathe everyday. He was there but did not feel. But we can take the distance, and aware of its existence. We can turn it into question as well. This is what now needs to be done.


Paradigm is a way of thinking that has been deeply rooted in a particular community, and directly influences the way people think living in it. Paradigm is alive but invisible presence. Paradigm of thinking is what drives every behavior and action of each person in his life. Paradigm shift is the key for us to turn to a more prudent.

Without a paradigm shift right, people will not see the problem as a problem. The problem is only seen as something natural, so no need to be changed. The problem is something unusual. As if people just need to close your eyes, in order to complete it.

This is what we face in Indonesia. Many people do not see the problem as a problem, but only as something ordinary. This happens because people are still using the old paradigm, in order to see the ever changing world of unexpected directions. Existing problems were not resolved, and we continue to get caught up in sorrow.

Religious fundamentalism is seen as a problem, but as something ordinary. Greed of money in the form of economic fundamentalism is seen as a problem, but rather viewed as natural, even wise. Without a paradigm shift we will not see the problem as a problem. As a result, the problem is getting bigger, and it will make our nation divided.

Paradigm change is a matter of urgency. By changing the paradigm we will more actively unload the root cause and eliminate it. We would be easier to live together, regardless of the difference. The nation’s problems began to be taken by way of thought and action is appropriate.

Poor Innovation

Without a paradigm shift we will never struggle to create change. Not only that change is often considered a taboo that must be resisted. New ideas are not seen as an opportunity, but rather as an obstacle that must be eliminated. Forward-thinking people were excluded.

If people still live in the old paradigm, he will feel comfortable, and feel no need to reinvent itself. As a result he would be conservative, and inhibits any changes that come before him, despite the fact, the change is urgently needed in the community where he lived. He will be a stumbling block to the surroundings. He will be making a living fossil that everyone was in hell.

We can find many people like that in Indonesia. On behalf of the tradition they eliminate ideas. As a result the community will be poor, in the sense of poor materials, poor as well as a brilliant innovation. No wonder we are hard pressed to create new ideas that are useful for life together.

Innovation is only possible if the people in the relevant paradigm has changed. Without a paradigm shift brilliant ideas that should be considered a taboo destroyed. If Indonesia wants to advance, then we, the people who live in it, shall immediately make a paradigm shift. Without a paradigm that encourages the birth of the brilliant ideas to the common life, our civilization will be left rail, and a primitive nation without hope.

No action

If the problem is not seen as a problem, then there will be no action to resolve it. Without action the problem will become even greater. The impact would be more extensive damage to all. When people are aware of this, it’s too late, and he was carried away in it.

This is the case in Indonesia. Came a barrage of problems, but little concrete action to respond to it. This occurred from the mudflow disaster, corruption, religious fundamentalism omission, and the omission of economic fundamentalism that continues to grow in scale. Diseases like cancer, these problems will become increasingly violent, and ultimately destroy the nation.

This happens because we are still using the old paradigm, in order to see and understand the new problems. How to think we are not observant enough to see the root of the problem. As a result of our actions seem too patchy, and helpless. So once again we need to change the paradigm that we have! Only then can we begin to be sensitive to the problems that really exist, and take the appropriate steps in response.

Missed the Train

Without changing our paradigm would worsen the problem in the stab. Outdated way of thinking. Patterns of behavior and our actions did not reflect the complexity and the progress of civilization. Every day our nation is increasingly becoming a plebeian.

Trains do not wait for their civilization did not embrace the change. The more developed world but we become even more significant was an ancient fossil. Without an entrenched paradigm shift, this will all happen in our nation. Indonesia languished as fossils in the museum world.

This phenomenon is much felt in Indonesia. Pattern-fanatical fundamentalist thinking in the narrow area of religious life still prevails. People find it difficult to express their faith and beliefs openly. This happens because we are religious in the old paradigm. As a result we are plebeian religion.

Greed for money and power are not muted, but it is given maximum facilities. Government is no longer a carrier of the mandate of the people, but only to guard the huge economic power. Sense of justice trampled by the motion of the rupiah is worthless in the eyes of the people. Life as a nation we are becoming more plebeian, because the boss is still alive in the old paradigm that no longer fit the circumstances.

Clearly we as a nation need a paradigm shift. We need to see the world in new ways, which may previously unthinkable. Just so we could see the problem as a problem, and not ignore it. Only then we can take real action, to go beyond the existing problems.

            But how do I change the paradigm?

We Need to Hear

The first step is to open the ears. Open ears will be easier to hear the galloping changes that continue to occur in real life. If people live in the old paradigm, covered his ears from the sound era. He became deaf, and are slowly but surely turned into a fossil without avail.

In Indonesia, many people have ears, but not heard. They are busy assessing and talking, and forget to look at the hearing. No wonder they do not understand. They condemn what is different from them.

No wonder they do not change the paradigm as well. They still think the old style, but the world has changed direction. Ears used to hearing only what they want to hear, namely that according to the paradigm that has held them tightly. Slowly but surely they will miss the train of civilization.

So we need to be more sensitive to the ear that we have. We need to use it carefully to hear the motion of time. We need to use them to hear something different from our beliefs, and even that did not thought about before. By listening carefully, thinking we could turn to a more prudent. That was the beginning of a paradigm shift.

We Need to Read

In addition to our ears also need to use our eyes to read. We need to read a new book that describes the change of date. We need to read things that previously we never read. We need to expand the horizon of thinking through the ears and eyes.

In Indonesia, people are lazy to read. They do not see reading as a human need. For those reading are activities that waste time and energy. No wonder they do not develop patterns of thinking and outdated.

Without reading the people will not be able to change and develop a paradigm. Even without seeing the people will not realize that his actions are determined by the paradigm. Obviously this kind of person is very difficult to change. They will be fossils that block changes to civilization.


In addition to hearing and reading, people also need to process what they hear and read it. People need to understand, chewing, and then determine their attitudes are critical of what he received. This is what will make people able to develop a paradigm. Without such a critical attitude to process, people will easily fall laud what they hear and read blindly.

In Indonesia the readers and listeners discourse often swallow what he received. As a result they become fanatics who think small, and extol what they read. But they changed the paradigm towards an increasingly narrow. Wisdom was more distant from the grip.

So people need to cultivate what is critically received. Only then will they be able to expand the horizons of thought and change the paradigm, without falling into a narrow-minded people. Intelligence as well as the courage necessary to process what they hear and read. Which then is the man who has created a big heart and open mind.

Sustainable change

By the time the motion hearing, reading books that describe a change of mind, and cultivate it critically and carefully, people will experience a change in him. Individual change is the beginning of real change in society. But change should not just come overnight. Changes must be sustained until the final breath.

In Indonesia, many people experience the euphoria of change. But they are stuck at a mere change in a moment. They forget that change is sustained. They scream about the change, but it becomes useless, because it is a cry without awareness.

Yet people need to continue to hold to the values of virtue, while continuing to follow the changes in movement times. He should not be changed only once. He must continue to change, without losing its axis as a virtuous man. Within this voltage can be up to the discretion of the person.

All of that is only possible if people are able to let go of the old paradigm that they have, and are ready to enter a new world with a new paradigm as well. Without a change of paradigm change in the lives often perceived as a mistake. In fact, if viewed with a new paradigm, the same error can be considered as the starting point of a significant advance.

So do not delay. We need to change the paradigm. Now or never.

Acep Aprilyana

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