Dark Symphony



Reflect melancholy silence

I miss singing

Imagined time travel

A story of the past


No more songs of heaven

No more sorrow entertainer

No more peace in the soul

There are only a miserable star

The sky there is only an increasingly hurt

As if to say

This is the breath of my life


Also becoming frozen smile

In the dark cold night

Also becoming melancholy cries dissolved

In a sea of sadness tonight

As if to tell

This is my destiny to take


Can I go through a wind storm missed sand

Can I forget the charm of the beauty of a million dreams

Can my foot step through the earth’s core heat

Can I stuck myself in a sea of darkness

Can I survive in the cold wind blowing snow


There is only one answer to the heart

I went through and I spent it with pure love wholeheartedly

8 thoughts on “Dark Symphony

      • Thank-you Acep. I have been struggling tooth and nail against the long term repercusssions of refusing to identify a source to the government. It has been a hard, lonely road. Thank you for your patience and your faith in me.
        Your poetry is evolving at an incredible rate.!!


  1. nuhun kang acep sdh berkenan singgah di blog saya. jujur saya gak paham euy sama inggrisan kaya’ gini, kalo ngerti pasti puisi ini indah bener deh artinya… 🙂


    • Duh,, sami sami neng…
      nuhun oge samulihna, btw, puisi neng hebat2 uy….
      saya senang bacanya neng.
      terima kasih juga sudah mampir ke gubuk saya.

      salam kenal ti saya urang sunda asli.
      hehehehehe… 😉


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