Welcome to the World


Dear Child,

you know mobile phones, it buy a new one it has a manual

Television that we have, there is also a manual

Radio, air conditioner, rice cooker, blender, all of its existing manual

Heiii ………… There was also a computer manual

Abie thought, no items are made without any manual


But my Child,

Do we use the manual to operate the earlier stuff?

Do we follow the instructions in the manual was to take care of things?

Do we learn, understand, and interpret it correctly?


Or …………..

We just open and read the manual as problematic?

In fact, even then we do not use the manual?

And chose him to a repairman?

Sometimes even throw it away immediately and buy new items

Because it is our manual with cardboard waste

Used goods

Without ever being opened and read


Dear Child,

Do you know, if we were created following His manual?

And ………… we often forget

We do not read, let alone use it to take care of ourselves

To operate ourselves

Are we still read and use when we are in trouble?

Or ………………..

Manual we had already disposed of?

Was never again to read, let alone understood and practiced

Not even be used as a problem solver, healer of grief and sorrow

Hhhhh ………………


Dear Child,

You are a smart girl

You are great kid

So, use your manual correctly

Do not just carry around, read, or memorized

Understand the meaning, message, instructions …………. correctly


Dear, with a manual that you have

Thou shalt be saved

The afterlife


But my Dear, remember my message

Do not you just take fragmentary fit your needs

Do not arbitrarily interpret that as your passions

Nor ever think people are not as good as you

Moreover, judging that their faith has not been as strong as your faith

Just because they do not agree with you


My Dear, always you stick with the manual

Your manual is ………………… Al Quran

7 thoughts on “Welcome to the World

  1. selamat atas kelahiran putrinya, semoga menjadi anak yang sholehah, beriman, taqwa, menjadi perisai agama dan keluarga serta berguna bagi nusa dan bangsa 🙂


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