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Eléctrica in the Desert

CLARIFICATION – 28 AUGUST/2012 – Most of the material upon which I based this post is no longer available on Acep Aprilyana’s blog,  Sundanese in Actions. The current version  of the blog does not represent Mr. Aprilyana’s work as I knew it.  My understanding is that he’s been unable to retrieve it, and has cobbled together what he can, trying to keep the blog afloat with a mobile phone.  I decided to keep this post up with this added caveat because it’s a poem I know well, and it stands – strongly – on its own merits, although it no longer represents the body of work I reference below.


Acep Aprilyana is a young Indonesian poet who has honored me with his trust in two ways. He has allowed me to tell his extraordinary story, which will appear in Electrica in the Desert very soon.

He has also trusted…

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  4. You just get the car home by midnight, young man, or you’ll be grounded for life.


    Go Acep, Go! Go, Go , GO!



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