the Words Has been DEAD !!!!

A friend suddenly exclaimed in a small discussion, or rather a small talk one evening. I was startled, and thoughtfully and settling the sad news.

At first we were just talking about complaints unvaried; surrounding the absence of state (leader) in a variety of problems. But the conversation seemed to lead to more serious. Those who are activists, scholars, and various other designations, such as has reached the desperation stage. Desperate for a variety of ways have been submitted to the government, the representatives of the people, the rulers, on a number of domestic problems. Desperate as they are free demonstrations, free shouted protest about something wrong, about something that is required to be fixed by the entire elite of the country, but freedom of speech is like an end in vain, not heard. Or Heard but ignored.

Another friend exclaimed: “in the New Order era, our mouths are silenced, but the voice (said) we can be very sharp, up to their ears ripped off (ruler). Released but now we speak, we are not silenced, but they covered their ears, to sound we were helpless. ”

I was immediately reminded of a piece of poetry opposition activist 98, who because of the sentence in his poem that echoes the reform movement and make it real.

The power of that poem: “… there is only one word, Fight!” makes the poet cum activist Wiji, becoming one of the abductees who have not been found until now. But the seeds of reformation through the encouragement of co-writing the words in the poem that has reaped the results now.

When the pen can still be a weapon, the power can still be controlled, but what happens when the pen (words) can freely voice but becomes meaningless in the ear? Just become ignored? Then the words, has actually died. The words had been pent cold, mute on tomb.

Yudi Latif, in “sowing national character” (2008) referred to “any revival movement started from the sign., And language (words) is the sign.” This shows the importance of the words, in any revival movement. Starting from the conscious to speak, realized in literacy, access towards a better change is wide open.

In a word, there must be an idea / thought. Because the truth is, in the words Radhar Panca Dahana, words are clothes of all thoughts / ideas. “Words and thoughts like a paper, one can not cut one side, without cutting the other side at the same time” said Ferdinand de Saussure.

By not being heard, with only negligible, the words such as passed out of the body meaning and ideas. He removed the cloak of words from the body of meaning, then the actual words had been killed, was made dead by the ‘ignoramus’ that.

Like the sad news to hear you know about a loved one, news of the death was anxious to move childbirth.

That’s why, when people shouted “Freedom” as a recurring celebration every year, I chose to sit at the tomb of words. Then hope, words actually dead yet, but expect him to torpor. Because without the words mean whatever man with all civilization?

Glance heard in the distance, outside the window, John F. Kennedy whispered: “If politics is dirty, let the poetry wash”

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