Eléctrica in the Desert

NOTE:  I have added extensively to this post, written two years ago, before I was aware of Harvey Silverglate’s involvement in a Kansas First Amendment legal case that destroyed my life.
Please pardon the poor formatting. WordPress has me flummoxed, and I can only ask readers for their patience and thank them for  their perseverance.
When a very famous journalist uses a murder trial to illuminate the systemic racism that is its context, does he have a right to omit his knowledge of a hotly contested issue because a famous lawyer has asked  him to do so – and because ” it’s not the story” he’s writing?  The career and reputation of a hopelessly outgunned, multiple award-winning  small-time reporter  have been destroyed: and both she and Calvin Trillin are well aware of his singular power to restore her good name with one sentence.  (Click on…

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