Peace in Peace

Days passed with no taste,
Unconscious Wherever I leave behind my determination,
And again my time entangled in coils,
Lined up, lined me no understand,
I meditate and I thoroughly seconds that harass,
What should I stack

Β I try to stand in front of the mirror of heart, let me know the black and white of heart,
Wash my feet in order to know how far I was able to step,
My cup servings feeling, though not to overflow accepted the gesture,
My imaginary fence that does not soar up into the land of hope,
My solution clear your mind so as not to interpret behavior drenched.

And of all my feeling restless,
I learned to anyone who is willing to teach me about the world, about life, about anything

that can make peace in peace.

7 thoughts on “Peace in Peace

  1. I would love to quote my good friend Subhan Zein has said…
    ‘We cannot talk of peace if there are always wars in our heart. We cannot speak of a better world if hatred still resides in our heart..”

    Together, hands in hands..heart to heart..we will make least within us.. πŸ™‚

    ~ KeY


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