chocolate strawberries



a new sense of what I know …
keeping me soundly closed
how not ..
can not seem I took off from the end of despair
tie a knot feeling in the heart ..

why am I so fell in love with this new flavor ..
so many sweet chocolate presented ..
with a different wrap metaphorical love
though I know you just savor taste left arms in awe ..
amazed by your sense of being spoiled …

I’m not afraid ..
guess you changed since jet sun ..
contaminated … second run ..
for I think you have not changed
you .. keep my chocolate strawberries
was spoiled when I gave …
understand when my own ..

5 thoughts on “chocolate strawberries

  1. Do not be fooled by the look and feel
    do not get carried away with the temporary emotion

    it’s just an illusion of sense
    occurs ’cause it is something new…


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