just let me tap that silent door ..

though I understand there will be no quiet voice answered
even to the half of my rumbling groan … still no answer
I think I’ll go back to the empty
alone in space where I talk about heart and half stone ..
Well … God, if I was dirt ..
why are Your silent grass grow?
and I want to take shelter ..
was unable to withstand the cold storms
shivering in the spirit of dark and light …
looked up at the sky hoping to cool savanna …
let me know on my mind ..
circle time just changing sky
let me be trampled soil
without a stone where I once complained ..
only remaining trace of her
so deep …
more than an inch in the heart ..

7 thoughts on “Soil

  1. my present may bring you a thousand dream…
    my prayers may be with you everyday
    to ease your loneliness
    to bring meaning to your uncertain days…
    we have different dreams..
    we shared different life..
    we lead to a different destiny…

    My have to on your own…


  2. Ya…jawaban dari doa doa sederhanamu tentangku
    Doa tentang waktu yang kaupetik
    Doa tentang harap yang kaukayuh
    Doa tentang mimpi mimpik…

    ketika jawab itu datang
    Dan suara suara lembut tentangmu..
    Menjadi halusinasi tiga dimensi yang menemani
    Padahal aku dalam ramai yang sepi………
    Aku dalam riuh yang bisu…


  3. a dirt you may feel you are, a trampled soil if you wish to be…at least there’s that grass can wildly grow, have a life in the middle of no where…
    life is never a sunshine all the way…there’s be storm or heavy rainfall…just be thankful..we contribute to something, somehow the life of others….

    do not hope for others to make the changes…it is you who rules your life….


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