I and twilight…


not me
but twilight …

that confuse blue universe
sincere sorrow carved in love
survive maintain a sense of
to fill the empty space

not me
but twilight …

owner of the passionate longing
chant melody tones in blue
successive bitter melancholy soul
every touch of love getting seduced

not me
but twilight …

Her heart belongs to the angels there
that guides every fragile twilight
awaits the full folded arms injury
and tender caress lovingly

not me
but twilight …

love in every corner of her smile
rhythm smooth soft clouds touching her heart
her heart lay scented love
a disguised song sorrow full of pain

there is sincerity in her heart of love
in her life there’s the poet
in her dreams there’s one story

where I stand into the twilight …
and in love with angel on the other side

I and twilight who love her…

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