Actually I’m lazy to read my own writing.
Every time I read a poem that I wrote, from
behind the cluster of words suddenly appear new crazies
that half-sane said,

“may i asked, do you know the address of my house? “

I’ll take him to a psychiatric hospital and the
I said softly,

“This is your house. Rest in peace. “

Are you Crazy, he instead grabbed my collar
and inflamed,

“This is your house, not my house.”

Once I got it was trotted
hot on the streets, then suddenly stopped,
looked up to the sky,
saluting the sun …
Another time I found him
was stunned by the roadside while
smile continued,
such unfortunate people were laughing
their own destiny.

I can only pray silently, may he
not home
into my poems.

Perhaps the best way to prevent the occurrence
and avoid interference is stopped

But my friend said,

“Without him, had long you’re dead.”

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