Twilight letter to wind #1


Warm greetings from me, Twilight ..
For Beloved who has been missing, Wind ..

Beloved, Wind ..
If only I had a longer period, it would like to invite you to dance in the ruck had said happily.If only night no hurry, it feels like all humming the loveliest melodies ever.

But, sorry my love …
This is the life.
The Supreme arranging all with fairness. Putting me on the precision. Where I rhyme silent. Upper grooves in life looming
by arrangement.

Sorry Beloved ..
Unable to embrace you and have more. Although it was colonized almost broke into tears red when I wiped gently greeting you,

Dear, Wind …
This is the life.
Although there exist only by the dim distant twists. But you know what?
My heart was nevertheless tired looking,
love you. Despite whether you will be reborn. Or will remain dead.

You know dear, Wind?
My pain here, crushing my heart. Until now no one has bid.

Why?  Because I need bidder there is only one, just stored in your heart.

However, maybe I
will forever dying. because
bidders that you really have to include in gentle death inevitably tear your sacred heart.

That is life.
Yesterday I had wished. Want to close the day with a sense of love that more and more into this.
Continuing your search in another realm.

But what happened?
I weakened my love, and Wind.
Faintly I hear there is a subtle whisper calling me. As swish you miss me yesterday on the coast.

Unfortunately until now I’m still in doubt. Is it true you are saying that my love, Wind?

 Beloved Twilight. Lifehas endedin namingmyWind.
But you know my dear, Twilight?
Love that yours is not my only be admitted with no me
And you know dear, Twilight.
Leave my melancholy bidder yesterday at the white-hearted.
Look for her …
Because I saw the time was getting close to her.
Learn to love her, my love Twilight.
Because she’s a part of me as well.
Bidder heart was in white.
Cloud .. “

That’s what I heard.
Once again, is not that from you my love, Wind? I do not know ..

I’m sorry dear, Wind.

I’m still looking for you and love you.
Although until now I could not reach out to cry in your arms.

Thank you, wind.
love from me, Twilight
Which is always looking for a real presence in my life ..



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