Twilight letter to wind #2


Warm greetings from me, Twilight ..

To MY Dear, Wind …

Beloved, Wind ..
Today afternoon mellow song.
Took me dancing in the sky.
Still without you, not so bad I thought.
But still restless heart is aching without you

Beloved, Wind ..
Today is silent even miss my silence,
Makes me dumb with fluttering past.

Sometimes Remembering ..
sometimes ringing ..

You know what that is? All still only about you and about us.

Beloved, Wind ..
Pilar’s melancholy never lit. Surviving the hue melodic expectancy.
Am I wrong? Being subtle whisper of consciousness state of nothingness.

Beloved, Wind ..
Apparently you missed me this afternoon.
As always longed for love Twilight, Wind …

Is it true about my longing is love?
Hopefully …

Beloved, Wind ..
I’m sorry that is still looking for you and love you ..
I’m sorry now being miss you ..

Beloved, Wind ..
Greetings expectantly longing for you.


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