in this room ( I do not know what I wrote ??? )

my room

In this room the trees growing from the head
When sunlight penetrates cracks in the wall
And the colors of the paint is peeling exposed to humid air
Flying debris like memories
I spent half the day just in this room
Because not also fail over I explored tropical forests

I’m looking swish your name and your breath on foliage
The roots of trees scattered hissing rattlesnakes disguise
Who quietly coiled waiting for prey
In camouflage conversation he asked me to plan
If I find you in a maze of quiet
Talk about clouds, rain, sky or whatever

But do not ever ask you to talk about your desire
Because abstinence man yammer about heart
The mattress and bed cover worn continuously untouched
Bedroom Walls kept silent despite the gaping cracks
How the young dragon’s mouth hungry or ready to scream
Squeaky …

After the previous season
The leaves fall to the voluntary
Leaving only dry twigs
Resemble human bones were no longer organized
This afternoon I want to browse my manhood in bed obsolete
I hope you can find middle asleep curled up asleep

Then it will wake you up gently
Wipe your brow, stroked your hair and whisper words of love
Calling your name until you open your eyes
Then we shall see the sun pierced the walls of this room
Through the cracks of similar young dragon’s mouth

Trees in the head continues to grow beyond the roof
Leaves are starting to dry brownish
Began to fall like autumn portrait in north country
We both supine beneath
Enjoy the wind and the sun burst
This afternoon I found my manhood in you

Lover all the time
in this room, I grab the leaves
I like to take bits and pieces
Our love strewn in it
then I slipped on each piece of scripture
to be always in our prayers grow

Like a tree that rises in the head
although the leaves will fall back
on the floor
to force us to repeat the same ritual
every season arrives.

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