Darkest Dream


Its midnigth now and it means crime
Pain spreading fast
with its rythm and rime
You becoming to feel a sort of dizzy
And then hit by somekind of sleepy
You have no money have no home
Try to stand and figth the world alone
Hearing sounds that make earache
Now you just cant stand the headache

You fall into a dream… Wasted!
Down into a nigthmare… Twisted!

So your life is running wild
Thinks medicines can solve problem, child?
You’ll be rolling in the rugs
Face the death if you use drugs
Realizing your judging your own trial
Waking up just make you back another mile
You’re all alone so watch your back
The devil is always ready to attack

You try to wake up… Stucked!
Starts looking the way out… Locked!

When midnigth come
its the darkest of the nigth
Sin in your blood
make you have tirrible sigth
The angel of death
ready to reap your crop
Slaying the untruth is an easy job
No honesty just lies of a bunch of corrups

No love no more…
humanity will collapse
Terrible decision make the beauty turn sorrow
What is next i really dont want to know

This is your darkest dream
Try to wake up and scream!

Even if you search there’s no chance
Here in the world of no romance

what you need is God above
Alloh the one you need the most
Give your burden like i gave mine
If you dont…
You know what you’ll find!

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