Gather round the fire

foto taken from ; Pakistan_Daily_Life_t607

Come here friends
Gather round the fire
Let me tell you a story
That will extinguish all desire
About a day being waited
By all humanity for ages
About a day being cursed
Putting fear to many faces

The day where music ended
Thus begin the long cry of sinners
Ripping flesh and burning soul
Smashing pain and river tears
Dont you know it is not far
From the day we are today
Cause it wont take a lot of time
It may happen today, yes it may

Dont be affraid now
Gather tight
You wont get hurt
If you have sigth
Beware of the devil
And all its migth

Choose well
Choose rigth!

9 thoughts on “Gather round the fire

  1. Beautiful, beautiful, I love your poem, you wrote it in a way that people could visualise the end of time! Excellent job and thank you for following my site and liking a lot of my posts!!


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