Sweet Giveaway


from yesterday I think about something that delayed almost a year. something that makes me feel I have a debt, hmm … what is it about?

its giveaway,

YA .. ITS FREE Giveaway

 I was had a plan for giving out free gifts for the anniversary of this blog. but was never implemented. Now there is an opportunity and there is a great sponsor with heart / kind / not stingy … want to support this crazy idea.  😛 hahahahaha

So, today I am teaming up with a several of awesome people to bring you a fun giveaway.  That’s right…one of you just might win a Galaxy S4 mini (worldwide) and Voucher from Telkomsel (Domestic).

 All you have to do is follow these few steps below ;

  1. Choose 7 post on this blog that you like most and give review on it.
  2. Make an esei about this blog and give reasons why you should win the prize.
  3. Make a post on your blog to answer no.1 and no.2 and send the link to me.

 That’s the three steps you must follow to win Galaxy S4 mini and Voucher


the winner is selected by sponsor

this sweet giveaway is ended November 15th 2013

winners ; announced on December 15th 2013


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